Rock Painting in Arronches

The rock painting sites of Arronches are located in rock shelters south of São Mamede mountains, the Esperança parish in the municipality of Arronches.

The cave paintings dating from the third millennium BC and represent human and animal figures and hand drawings in colors ranging from red to yellow.

The most decorated shelter, and first of all to be discovered in 1914, is the Gaivões which includes the “story” of a pastoral scene, “perfectly contextualizável the typology of agro-pastoral society” installed in the region for five a thousand years.

Four cores have been identified:

1-Shelter with cave paintings of Vale de Junco or Lapa dos Gaivões

Located in the middle of a pine forest, here are anthropomorphic and zoomorphic reproduced silhouettes, hand drawings and other signs, mostly in red ocher tones, but also in other chromatic series, from yellow to black.

2-Shelter of Pinho Monteiro, in Herdade do Monte
3-Lapa dos Louções
4-Church of the Moors - Igreja dos Mouros

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