The Aqueduct of Amoreira in Elvas

Connects the small place of Amoreira to  the city of Elvas.

Has 8.5 kilometers long with 843 arches, more than five arcades and towers that rise up to 31 meters high, is considered the largest aqueduct of the Iberian peninsula.

In 1498, the only source of drinking water  in Elvas was the a well that was a legacy of the Arabic occupation. During the 15th Century it was not enough due to the population  increase.

That same year, King D. Manuel authorized a tax to help improve water problems and maintain the medieval well.  But did not  help at all and emerged the idea to build the aqueduct from Amoreira to Elvas.

Its construction took place from 1529 until the date of its opening on June 23, 1622.

Designed and directed only by Portuguese (the architects of Casa Real Francisco Arruda, Afonso Alvares and Diogo Marques) and erected only by Elvenses (people from Elvas) is an unique work of its kind in size, grandeur, beauty and elegance.

The Aqueduct Amoreira is  located in São Brás and São Lourenço, Elvas municipality, Portalegre District.

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